Dynamic overlay graphics in video right on an Axis camera

Network camera as an encoder
  • Easy setup
  • Embedded in camera
  • Preset overlays
  • No monthly fees

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Case Studies

Case study: Live stream from Prague

Axis P5635-E camera with high image resolution and excellent image during lower lighting conditions used. Combination of two dynamic graphics services of CamOverlay application is used. The first service displays overlay pictures for each preset PTZ position. The second service is the weather forecast, pulling data from Weather Underground online weather service . Live streaming to YouTube is provided by CamStreamer app.



Current / Up-to-date information about the weather, including the forecasted snowfall? No problem with CamOverlay. Choose from dozens of weather stations connected to the Wunderground service, or connect your own. You can choose from many templates and enhance your live video from a ski resort, hotel, town or national park.

Live Score

Drag fans into the match! Thanks to the integration of Sportzcast service (www.sportzcast.net) you can display the latest results of broadcasted sports events directly in your video. A few clicks and the results are available.

Info graphics

Inform about the prices of ski lifts, events, timetables or insert advertisements directly into the video. CamOverlay will change your IP cam into a powerful communication tool. Opening hours or descriptions of historical sights being watched by your PTZ IP cam? You can even do all that with CamOverlay.

Combine graphics

CamOverlay app can view graphics from two sources at one time. You can combine weather info with tourist info or sport results with logos of your partners. Your ideas will come alive in a few clicks in CamOverlay.


Insert subtitles to speakers of videoconferences, lectures and studio broadcasts. Pre-set any number of subtitles for all participants and insert them to the actual picture by a single click. Everything is ready and functional in an instant through a pre-set template.


Free trial licenseUnlimited license
Weather service
Live score service
Infographics service
Simultaneous services
Purchase price Free for 30 days $299 or €269
One-time per camera
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Please use the special firmware for your camera. See Installation guide. Feel free to contact us in case of any problem.

CPUVersion 1.2.13
release notes
Show supported cameras
Artpec-5 (MIPS) Download

We will support more ARTPEC-5 cameras soon.

Installation guide: Start in a few steps.

  1. Download special firmware for your camera:
    M2025-LE, M2026-LE, M3105-L, P1364, P1365-MkII, P1405-LE MkII, P1425-LE-MkII, P1435-E/-LE, P5514, P5514-E, P5515, P5515-E, P5624-E-MkII, P5635-E-MkII, Q1775, Q1941-E, Q1942-E, Q3505 MkII, Q3615, Q3617, Q6052, Q6052-E, Q6054, Q6054-E, Q6055, Q6055-C, Q6055-E, Q6055-S, Q6155-E
  2. Use IP Utility to open web interface of your camera.
  3. Go to Setup > System Options > Maintenance and upload the firmware (step 1) to your camera.
  4. Go to Setup > Application once the camera is up again. Upload CamOverlay application to your camera. The application package can be downloaded here.
  5. Click on "CamOverlay" in the left menu to access the CamOverlay application.


How much information can I display at the same time?

It is possible to switch on only 2 services at the same time.

Where can I upload my own graphics?

Over the user interface of CamOverlay you can upload your own pictures to your camera or SD card. Supported image formats: jpeg, png (with alpha channel).

What is the fastest update speed for graphics?

It depends on size of the graphics. Small graphics can be updated (on current cameras) up to 2x per sec.

What is the max. size of the picture?

The same as the video resolution – the picture can't extend beyond the borders of the camera video.

How does the size of the graphics change if I want to use different resolutions from the camera?

Graphics stays the same - 1:1, any position/offset is set in pixels, so it is possible to set up for just one specific resolution.

I need to view the info from a service you do not support yet.

We will try to find solution for you, contact us.

What happens with my licence if my camera brakes down?

We will transfer the licence to new camera.(only if you provide RMA)

Do you have any other questions? Contact us!

About us

CamOverlay and CamStreamer are products of NetRex company. We specialize on solutions for IP cameras.

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