What is CamOverlay App

CamOverlay App is a smart application that allows dynamic overlay graphics in video right on an Axis IP camera. Setup is easy. You can choose from preset overlays.

How CamOverlay App works

CamOverlay App is a smart tiny application running inside an Axis network camera. With this app you can add weather info, sport results or your own dynamic overlay graphics right into live video stream.

Ready to start?

Buy an Axis IP camera, install CamOverlay App into your camera and select sources for your info graphics. The overlay is part of the video available on standard Axis interface.

What you can do with CamOverlay App

Create your own advertising channel and promote with current information, weather, sponsor logos and a PTZ compass.

Design your own scoreboard background, map text fields and automate it with your scoring system.

Control your graphics via our Control Room or API in real time.

Cameras with an Artpec-6 and higher processor (check here) enable up to four overlays in a stream and different independent graphics for particular streams. E.g. one stream from a camera contains information in English and the second in Spanish. Or, a public stream may have a privacy mask while a private stream may be without it.



See all widgets and previews.

Want to display up-to-date information about the weather, including forecasts of snowfall, wind direction, sunrise times and more? It's no problem with the CamOverlay App. Choose from 11 weather widgets, 4 colour schemes and 7 languages. Your location can be found via search box or straight from the map. All data is taken from the popular weather source AccuWeather.

Info Ticker

Would you like to share up-do-date information in your camera's stream? With the Info Ticker service, you can choose and display text just like in a television broadcast. You can insert variables into the text such as time, current temperature, or sunrise times in your location. The text can be created manually, read from URL address, or changed via API. Support of custom fonts in TTF format including Japanese, Korean and Chinese letters.

Custom Graphics

With this service, you have great control over the dynamic text displayed in the background graphics within your video stream. You simply define the background graphics (your image with transparency or monochrome rectangle) and the desired number and style of text fields (different fonts, sizes and colors) to be displayed within these background graphics. Support of custom fonts in TTF format including Japanese, Korean and Chinese letters. Read more

PTZ Compass

Embed a compass in your PTZ image that will show what cardinal direction your camera is pointing in at any given moment along with the sector in which the camera is streaming. You can select between a circular compass or a point on the map showing the angle and sector the camera is streaming. You can choose a map directly in the application, or upload a custom background and place the camera position over it. Check more here.


Inform about the prices of ski lifts, events, timetables or insert advertisements directly into the video. CamOverlay App will change your IP cam into a powerful communication tool. Opening hours or descriptions of historical sights being watched by your PTZ IP cam? You can even do all that with CamOverlay App. Supported formats are JPEG, PNG and animated GIF.

Combine graphics

CamOverlay App can view graphics from two sources at one time. You can combine weather info with tourist info or sport results with logos of your partners. Your ideas will come alive in a few clicks in CamOverlay App.


Insert subtitles to speakers of videoconferences, lectures and studio broadcasts. Pre-set any number of subtitles for all participants and insert them to the actual picture by a single click. Subtitles can be created in service Custom Graphics and controlled via the Control room.

Picture in Picture

Insert the picture from another camera on the same network or even from your web camera into your live stream. A fast solution for sports broadcasting, where the current score on the scoreboard can be inserted into the live stream. Or, for example, you can add technical information to a stream of your machine in the factory hall.
Cameras with Artpec-6/7 processor support up to 25fps for PiP.

Live Score

Drag fans into the match! You can display the latest results of broadcasted sports events directly in your video via integration with Sportzcast. A few clicks and the results are available.

Screen Sharing

Share your screen, application window, or browser tab as a PiP in the video feed. Great for schools, webinars, presentations, churches, live events, and anyone who wants to present anything from their computer.
This service only works when connected via HTTPS. For HTTPS use e.g. our service CamStreamer Cloud, install certificate or contact us at support@camstreamer.com.

Before purchasing, please check compatibility with your camera in the download section.

Where to buy it?

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